Who is this for?

You know who this is

Non-mandatory, but you've gotta be a rock fan

You've crashed a local band gig

You are one of those rare people nowadays who would have a great time in front of the stage instead of on youtube

You have an epic friend who shreds in a band

You've been gone to most of his concerts; know all of his solos; you know how dedicated he is

So what's with the Rock iT-shirts?

Music can be discouraging :/

At some point I realised that even though music is central in his life and even though this is his passion ...

He seems discouraged that he'll ever be able to secure a decent living through music.

Sadly this seems to be true nowadays. It's rare that people would go to a local gig and spotify isn't a very profitable place for newer bands.

Although I can't help him with that, I really wanted to show him that what he does is awesome and his music knocks my socks off!

Back in black

Question is ... How do you show your buddy he is an epic musician?

It took a few weeks before any meaningful ideas came up. Most ideas were around guitar accessories/effects. Couldn't think of anything personal.

Then it hit me -a picture of his favourite band in my mind. The one that insipred him to start playin' the guitar - AC/DC.

The monumental picture on old school posters of Angus shredding the guitar... Oh yeah!

How awesome would it be to be compared and depicted in the light of your favourite musician!?

Holy Gods of Rock! I knew I had something awesome!

Technical difficulties

I wanted to make а collage of many pictures and I wanted to be a surprise for his B-day.

This meant that I cannot ask him for full size images - I can only use his 900x900px low quality Facebook images.

Which means I cannot simply turn them Black 'n' White and expect to look good on something that is supossed to be 4000x4000px (T-shirt/Poster).

Another 2 weeks in headbanging. I know Photoshop, but I can't draw. How do I turn pixels  into a proper Hi-res image ready for print?

This took me on a long way around dozens of effects and hundreds of adjustable settings.

All of which were great. but none could be directly applied. Only manual work could actually make a picture great. No effect would by default.

Whole lotta love/Share with others

Here I should explain why I decided to share with others. How they can make an awesome present for their friends.

As no Photoshop, Lightroom, Instragram, Snapseed, you name it effect could improve picture's quality that much (from 900x900px to 4000x4000px) and in the same make it look great. Only manual work could achieve this.

Which is kinda sad. It would've been great to be able to take any picture of my friend on stage and make it awesome on a t-shirt ot poster.

I feel like more people would love to acknowledge and encourage their rocker friend's riffs, drum beats and vocal expression.

This is why I decided to make this little side project, so that you can give a whole lotta love to your musical friends 🙂

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